APS Day Trippers™ Program – Aux Petits Soins™

APS Day Trippers™ Program

This program was developed for babies from birth to 6 months old using our three-step language immersion system called Listen. Absorb. Speak.™ During this one-on-one time, parents will learn simple songs and lullabies to sing during daily routines, as well as games to play and basic words. Our aim is to provide the same tools in French that parents reflexively use to promote language acquisition for the child’s mother tongue. Parents will be taught how to effectively use “intelligent baby talk” (also known as infant-directed speech) to engage in their child’s language development.

Each class is limited to five students. No prior experience in French is necessary. This is also the perfect setting for parents to pick up some basic French for themselves.

At this time, all in-person classes have been cancelled. Please, enroll in the APS Explorers program.