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Kids Programs

Our Language Immersion Programs

At Aux Petits Soins™, we’ve developed an innovative system of teaching a foreign language that makes learning fun. With the Listen. Absorb. Speak.™ method, your child will learn French in a small group harnessing the ability of their young mind to intuitively understand and communicate in a new language. Individual and group classes are available.

Individual classes

The instructor will develop personalized lessons. These classes are ideal for students who are looking to rapidly prepare for an upcoming trip or test or work on specific skills. These classes are available for all levels. You can enroll here.

Group classes

Group classes are organized according to age and skill level. We use body language, props and expressive intonations to facilitate French language instruction – much the same way kids pick up their native language. Each class is deliberately structured to create routines using songs, common phrases and rhymes. Classes utilize a blend of new concepts and recurring themes and ideas. We also incorporate as many experiences from the child’s real life as possible, including names of family members, pets and easily identifiable family activities

(birth-6 months)

(6 months-5 years)

(4-12 years)

(4-12 years)

Our Clubs

At Aux Petits Soins™, you decide the level of immersion that’s best for you.  We provide the venue and the tools for family members of all ages to learn (or re-learn, as the case may be) the French language together and build bonds through French culture.

(birth-12 years)

(6-18 years)

(birth-12 years)