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APS Ensemble™ Program


The APS Ensemble™ program is a combination of French language immersion classes and social activities designed for adults who want to 1) learn French for the first time; 2) improve their existing French grammar, phonetic and conversation skills; or 3) polish their overall mastery of the French language and dig deeper into French culture.

The Aux Petits Soins™ Adult Program is an à la carte system consisting of two main aspects:

  • Teaching aspect: Classroom time with a choice of either individual or group classes
  • Social aspect: A series of social events, ranging from free meet-ups in local restaurants to specialty seminars (e.g., cooking classes, film viewings) that will provide conversation opportunities with students from different levels and local native French speakers.


To facilitate the Aux Petits Soins™ French language immersion programs, Gaëlle Cassin-Ross developed a three-step Listen. Absorb. Speak.™ language immersion system. This system was designed to enable adults from any linguistic background to learn French by following the natural order of native language learning.

All individual and group classes are conducted entirely in French, and have been designed so that even someone new to foreign language education will be able to pick up words and concepts quickly. The instructor matches students with the program that will be most effective for them, and will suggest moves between levels depending on their aptitude.

Classes are split into three skill levels based on parameters established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): Level A students have little or no prior knowledge of the language, Level B students have a basic knowledge of the language are are able to have simple conversations and Level C students are proficient speakers.

Individual classes

Option 1: Conversational classes, ideal for adults who already have a basic familiarity with French (Level B and Level C students). The instructor engages in a weekly, hour-long conversation with the student, with subjects ranging from simple concepts to nuanced discussions. The instructor will point out the most common mistakes and work with the student to correct them. Price: $36/hour.

Option 2: Personalized lessons to fit specific phonetic, vocabulary, grammar and writing needs, regardless of CEFR level. These classes are ideal for students who are looking to rapidly prepare for an upcoming trip or test. These classes are available for all levels. Price: $52/hour for the first person, $30/hour for any additional person and classes are limited to four people.

Group classes

Each group class (maximum four students) starts with an informal conversation followed by vocabulary, grammar, or phonetics lessons. Classes are held on 4 (summer), 10 (spring) and 11-week sessions (fall and winter), after which a student may opt to move up to the next level or stay in the same level, depending on their comfort. These classes are available for all levels. Price: $30/hour


The social aspect of the Aux Petits Soins™ Adult Program allows students to gain a working knowledge of the French language in the public sphere. Aux Petits Soins™ is only one small part of mid-Michigan’s growing community of French speakers and French culture enthusiasts. We know that classroom learning can only get a student so far before it’s time to utilize those language skills with others.

These social events were designed to be accessible to a variety of work schedules, with a combination of morning coffee klatches, luncheons, after-work happy hour meet-ups and evening dinner parties. For the most part, these events will be free to attend, although some of the events (such as the cooking classes) will be led by an outside specialist and may have costs associated with them.

Additionally, we will also alert students to all the activities created by and for members of the local French community, including the MSU French Club and the Alliance Française-Lansing.

Our goal is to connect students of the Aux Petits Soins™ Adult Program with these groups in order to foster the growth of French appreciation in mid-Michigan, and build relationships that can carry over into business, education, art and leisure activities.

At Aux Petits Soins™, our philosophy is that learning a language is like getting a passport to another culture. After you have the basics, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Here are the dates of the coming sessions:

  • Fall session runs Sep. 26-Dec. 11, 202(please note: there is no class the week of Nov. 21-27) 
  • Winter session runs Jan. 9-Mar. 26, 2023 (please note: there is no class the week of Feb. 13-19)
  • Spring session runs Apr. 10-Jun. 26, 202(please note: there is no class May 16-21 and 29)
  • Summer session – TBD


Aux Petits Soins™ will continue to offer French language immersion classes virtually. You can enroll in a group class or book a private class.


Please review Aux Petits Soins™ school policies before enrolling.


Enrollment is now open. If you enroll in a group class for the full year, you get a 5% discount! Please review Aux Petits Soins™ school policies before enrolling.


Liz Goebel

Gaelle is terrific. She is enthusiastic, supportive, and professional. As an adult learner, I was nervous to attempt to speak French (and over Zoom, to boot)! Gaelle has made it… Read more “Liz Goebel”

November 30, 2020

Garrett Diedrich

If you are looking for a place to learn French in Lansing/Okemos, this is the best place. I’m a Ph.D. student at MSU and I started to take French due… Read more “Garrett Diedrich”

July 13, 2019

Heidi Frei

I love APS as do my children! I feel I have a decent ability with only a 15 months of studying. My children love the instructor and really look forward… Read more “Heidi Frei”

Student & Mom of Marisol (7) and Freya (1)
April 13, 2020