Testimonials – Aux Petits Soins™


Courtney Stocker

Gaëlle is a wonderful instructor that encourages the students and helps build their competency and confidence in learning a new language.

Mom of Elspeth (12)
Travel Bugs
January 12, 2021

Ben DeMuth

APS is a phenomenal program run by a very passionate teacher Gaëlle. Our son has been attending the program since he was 3 months old and he still loves her classes at 3 years. She is always adapting the program to keep kids interested as they grow, and when the program moved online, our son and the other children never lost interest. This is a testimony to Gaëlle’s creativity and abilities to teach. We highly recommend her classes to anyone trying to immerse their children in a second language.

Dad of Emmanuel (3)
December 18, 2020

Liz Goebel

Gaelle is terrific. She is enthusiastic, supportive, and professional. As an adult learner, I was nervous to attempt to speak French (and over Zoom, to boot)! Gaelle has made it a very positive experience, and I have seen my knowledge grow over a few short months. I highly recommend Aux Petits Soins!

November 30, 2020

Mary Bolt

I have been a student of APS for over 2 years. I am now an intermediate student. I love that this is a full immersion program. I have learned so much about the culture as well as the language!

November 29, 2020

Amy Carnahan

Our kids have been wanting to learn French for over a year. We wanted a place that would give them a base of the language, while being warm and inviting, especially since we were to start online during Covid. We looked into many online versions, even bought Muzzy, and realized that we needed something concrete as we are beginners. We found Gaelle and Aux Petits Soins and the kids LOVE their weekly french class. With the programs currently being online, Gaelle keeps the classes small and very interactive. The kids enjoy their weekly hour French session and look forward to doing their 5 minute “homework” daily for Travel Bugs II. It is everything I could have wanted in a program and teacher. A wonderful investment!

Mom of Caedyn (7) and Cooper (7)
Travel Bugs
November 27, 2020

Sarynna López Meza

After starting French lessons at MSU’s CELTA school (which was great for introducing a basic level of languages) when our son was little, I first heard about Aux Petits Soins from a couple of French-speaking friends whose kids were going there; learning that Gaëlle Cassin-Ross was the mastermind behind it, was all it took to switch our son to her school 2 years ago. He’s been doing the World Citizen programs and it has been fantastic to see the change! I love how Gaëlle interacts with the kids, doing fun things (playing games is my favorite one!) as they speak French. She keeps a small number of students in class which means they all get to devote more time to actually practicing French. We have seen a big change in his abilities to speak French, especially in his pronunciation! We’ve been even more impressed at the level of engagement he has since the pandemic started! Keeping kids engaged in zoom is difficult, and Gaëlle does an amazing job! I definitely recommend Aux Petits Soins!

Mom of Kilian (10)
World Citizens
November 26, 2020

Heidi Frei

My family has been studying French at Aux Petits Soins since my oldest started about four years ago. She has worked through the Explorers, Travel Bugs and World Citizens programs and absolutely loves it! She looks forward to her lesson each week, especially the games and interaction with her classmates. She is now also learning Spanish and I know that her exposure to French early on has helped her excel. Our toddler is now also enrolled in Explorers and she has so much fun in class. She is now including French numbers, animals, colors and other vocabulary in with her English on a daily basis. Gaelle is absolutely wonderful with children and has a talent for engaging and encouraging them. Inspired by the fun and progress I’ve seen with my children, I have also studied at APS for almost two years. I love learning French and gaining insight into French culture. I’m happy with my progress and look forward to traveling to France in the future. Immersion works for me and my children and I would encourage anyone to give it a try!

Student & Mom of Marisol (8) and Freya (2)
Ensemble, Explorers, World Citizens
November 26, 2020

Svitlana Martynjuk

This is the only in-person (now online meetings) place to learn French (in the) area. Groups are based on levels of knowledge. Little kids have their own groups of different ages. Gaelle is a French native and developed the program herself. She is an amazing and kind teacher.

November 24, 2020

Heidi Frei

I love APS as do my children! I feel I have a decent ability with only a 15 months of studying. My children love the instructor and really look forward to learning French. My oldest daughter has been studying for about 4 years and her progress is impressive! I would highly recommend for families, adults and children!

Student & Mom of Marisol (7) and Freya (1)
Ensemble, Explorers, World Citizens
April 13, 2020

Erin Gancer

Gaëlle is engaging, kind, and has created a phenominal program to immerse children in the French language and culture. Finding this school was a gift, and continues to be a good investment in our daughter’s education.

Mom of Emmeline (7)
World Citizens
April 8, 2020

Sandrine Demuth

When our son Emmanuel was born, we wanted him to be in a place where he could hear French spoken somewhere other than at home with his mother, who is a native French speaker. One afternoon on a walk, we saw a sign for Aux Petits Soins about French classes, and after meeting Gaëlle, we learned about the free Day Trippers program, so we decided to go. It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Emmanuel started when he was three months old, and we started by learning songs such as, “Vole, vole papillon” and “Tourne, tourne petit moulin.” It has been fun for him and for us. At home, he tries to repeat Gaëlle’s gestures, which is very awesome.

Our treasure is 1.5 years old now and is continuing with the Explorers II program, which he is still enjoying. We are very happy having Emmanuel there – it’s a great place to be and to help your little one immersed in French language and culture.

Mom of Emmanuel (18 months)
Day Trippers, Explorers
August 23, 2019

Jessica Smeak

Gaëlle Cassin-Ross is THE best teacher ever !! She’s warm, kind, understanding, gentle, and beyond smart ! I am so grateful I stumbled onto her school! My son, George, LOVES her and was engaged for 20-30 minutes each session- and he was only 4-6 months old ! The learning is never ending with all of the classes Aux Petits Sons offers. Gaëlles positive attitude is influential and helps sets me up to have a better day! I look forward to signing up for more classes as my son grows.

Mom of George (4 months)
Day Trippers
August 20, 2019

Garrett Diedrich

If you are looking for a place to learn French in Lansing/Okemos, this is the best place. I’m a Ph.D. student at MSU and I started to take French due to working in tandem with labs in France. I wanted a place to supplement my French learning and this place fit perfectly.

The class sizes are small, no more than 4 people, and even when you first start you will be taught 99% of the time in French. This was hard at first. You will feel confused and self conscious about not knowing the right thing to say or not understanding what is going on. But trust me, stick with it. You will start to pick up small words and phrases and before you know it you’ll be understanding a lot of what is said.

This has put me leaps and bounds above the others in my French class at MSU in terms of pronunciation and learning all those tricky rules in French. There are also a lot of extras that come with the school. Such as French game night on Friday, which is super fun, and other opportunities to connect with other people who love French.

Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

July 13, 2019

Stephanie Miller

We love how our children have been exposed to language, literature, and ideas in French. French Club was especially fun for my 5 year-old.

Mom of Madeline (5)
French Club
January 19, 2019

Christine Overway

My kids (ages 3 and 1) have been part of Aux Petits Soins for the past year and what an adventure! It’s been wonderful to see them enjoy playing and singing (and of course learning) in a language immersion program with other children. I am very thankful that Gaelle and her family bring the beautiful gift of French language and culture to the Lansing community.

Mom of Ren (3) and Vera (1)
March 17, 2017

Sheril Kirshenbaum

Aux Petits Soins is a wonderful introduction to French language for children. Gaëlle brings her enthusiasm and warmth to each session and our son has really enjoyed his first class, while picking up some words and numbers. He especially loves the songs. We’re so glad we found the program!

Mom of Atlas (3)
June 3, 2016

Valery Huberts

After just one class, we are hooked. This is the best way for kids to learn French, totally immersed with an enthusiastic and patient teacher. Songs, games, and laughter. Thank you for the opportunity!

Edited to add: Two semesters later and we are still loving Gaëlle and her classes. She gives 100 percent to the kids and these classes.

Mom of Adelaide (9) and Emeline (8)
Travel Bugs
September 26, 2015

Sara Pettit

My 2-year old son just finished his first session with Gaëlle and Aux Petits Soins. I had been searching for anything to do with French culture and language since Holden was born and am so fortunate to have stumbled upon this program. We both love attending class each week, singing the songs, and playing. Gaëlle truly has what is best and works for the children in mind, which is such a relief! The 2-4 class that we attend is very relaxed and allows for the extreme energy toddlers have (and some times short attention spans!). We are both so excited to continue on this journey with APS!

Mom of Holden (2)
September 14, 2015

Faith Boyce

I enrolled my son, Theoan (11 months) for the first session and he absolutely loves all of the songs we have learned in class. Also, my three year old, who has come to some of the classes, has struck an interest in learning French! I thank you, Gaelle for creating a relaxed, engaging, French learning setting 🙂 This is how French should be learned.. Starting at the basics!

Mom of Theoan (11 months)
June 25, 2015

Caitlin Mayer

This is so wonderful for children and parents together. I am so happy I signed my daughter up for this class. She may be only 9 months but she has so much fun.

Mom of Adelaide (9 months)
June 16, 2015

Breaha Wallin

We absolutely love Aux Petits Soins! My 3-month-old daughter and I drive 1.5 hours from Midland once or twice per month so that we can enjoy the benefits of the class. We would be going once or twice per week if we lived in Lansing. I cannot recommend it enough. Gaëlle is an absolute joy and has a talent for engaging even the youngest students. At just 8 weeks, my daughter was enthralled with the songs, colors and enthusiasm Gaëlle brings. I love that it is a relaxed, intimate atmosphere where the spontaneous needs of infants and toddlers are understood and welcomed.

Mom of Shaylee (3 months)
June 8, 2015

Kelly Toland

I cannot recommend Aux Petits Soins enough! My daughter started at four months old. While she is young, you can see by her smile how much she enjoys Gaelle, hearing French songs and engaging in the other babies. Gaelle is an amazing teacher for not only the children but the parents, too. It’s easy to see how much everyone enjoys class. I studied French and lived abroad in college. I’ve always wanted to share French culture and language with my daughter and I’m thrilled to have the chance to do it at only five months of age. Thank you Gaelle for bringing this unique and wonderful opportunity to Lansing!

Mom of Charlotte (5 months)
June 3, 2015

Kristen Bieda

My 8-month son and I love going to French each week. Gaëlle is really fantastic with babies and makes it easy for parents (even those who can’t speak French) to engage in class. We sing some of the songs at home and Joel loves them

Mom of Joel (8 months)
June 2, 2015