About Us – Aux Petits Soins™

About Us

Aux Petits Soins™ is a French cultural center offering private and group language immersion classes and activities for both children and adults. It was founded by Gaëlle Cassin-Ross in 2015. You can read the full story here.

Our center is a safe, fun environment stocked with multiple types of educational materials – both directly and indirectly pertaining to French language immersion – where people of all ages can learn by exploring on their own and connect with the community of those who appreciate the French language and culture.

The long-term goal for Aux Petits Soins™ is to be a French-centric social hub that will be like a little slice of Paris in Lansing. It will be a space where students, community members, children and francophiles of all ages can interact and soak in the French culture.

There are already a few local businesses and programs that have French themes for local enthusiasts:

Bet you didn’t know Metro Lansing had such a vibrant French culture!

If you wish to be part of Aux Petits Soins™, use the Contact Us page or consult the Get Involved section.