Aux Petits Soins™ Library/Activity Center General Rules & Regulations – Aux Petits Soins™

Aux Petits Soins™ Library/Activity Center General Rules & Regulations

These regulations are in place to protect the materials in the Aux Petits Soins, LLC™ Library/Activity Center, and to ensure that all students and members can have easy and fair access to the materials. We appreciate your cooperation in observing these rules, which the Aux Petits Soins, LLC™ staff will firmly enforce.

Hours of operation

The Library/Activity Center is opened during normal hours of operation.


1) APS students and members who have accounts in good standing may have access to the Library/Activity Center during normal hours of operation.

2) APS students/members under the age of 7 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/caregiver at all time, unless the student/member is left under the supervision of APS staff.


3) Eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library/Activity Center.

4) Parents/guardians/caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and for regulating the behavior of their children while in the Library/Activity Center.

5) Users must leave the space clean and neat. As advocates of the Montessori principles, we encourage parents/guardians/caregivers to ask their child to do one activity at the time and to put it away before moving to the next one.

6) Users must not mark, deface or damage library books. Damaged items must be replaced or reimbursed as described in 12(b).


7) Aux Petits Soins™ students and Intermédiaire level members may check out up to two books at a time for up to three weeks.

(a) Once you purchase a library card, an account will be created on Librarika. You can keep track of the book you borrowed and return dates. You can also request to place a book on hold.

(b) Users agree to make a refundable $50 cash deposit or furnish their payment information in the event of lost/damaged/late materials.

8) All books with green labels may be borrowed. Books with red labels can only be read in the library.

9) Books must be returned no later than the due date. A book is renewable one time only.

10) There are no renewals on outstanding books.

11) Borrowers are responsible for all items checked out. This responsibility ends only when the item has been marked as returned in the library system.

12) Borrowers will be charged for overdue, lost and/or damaged materials:

(a) Failure to return the book on time will result in a fine of 10 cents per business day per book. After 30 days, the book will be considered lost and borrowers will be charged as described in (b).

(b) If the borrower can provide a copy of the item, no additional fee besides the late fee will be applied. If a copy is not provided, the cost of the materials is determined by the cost of the book at the time of purchase (see label). There will also be an additional $25 processing fee. If the item cannot be replaced, a standard fee of $50 will be charged.

(c) Damage items must be replaced or reimbursed as described in (b).

13) Borrowers with outstanding fines or overdue items will not be allowed to borrow additional books or use the Library/Activity Center until the fines are paid and books are returned.

Future contract updates

14) As our center grows, our contract may need to be updated from time to time. In the event of an update, you will be notified by email 10 days before any update will become effective. To ensure the correct delivery of our email, please make sure to add our email — info@apsfrenchclass — to your address book.

Updated on July 1, 2022 (v2022-01)