Enrollment contract (APS Explorers™)

Table of contents

1 – Philosophy of Aux Petits Soins™

Our goal is to introduce children to French at an age when their brains are still learning to process linguistics, giving them the ability to speak French fluently and accent-free. We teach through the simplest method possible – by immersing them in a completely French-speaking environment geared toward their age and ability. Building on principles of multiple interactive teaching models – which include the Montessori method, Communicative Language Teaching, Typical Physical Response (TPR) and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) – we’ve developed our own three-step method of foreign language education: Listen. Absorb. Speak.™

We only speak in French at Aux Petits Soins™, with class groups organized according to age and skill level. We use body language, props and expressive intonations to facilitate French language instruction – much the same way kids pick up their native language. Each class is deliberately structured to create routines using songs, common phrases, and rhymes. Classes utilize a blend of new concepts and recurring themes and ideas. We also incorporate as many experiences from the child’s real life as possible, including names of family members, pets and easily identifiable family activities (see the Voluntary Information Form in your welcome packet).

There are four sessions per year: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each session is subsequently split into 3- to 6-week mini-sessions, during which time new material is added to keep the student engaged but not overly stimulated. Enrollment in APS Explorers™ programs can be done at any time.

1-1 I understand and agree to support the Philosophy of Aux Petits Soins™. I also agree, to the best of my ability, to be part of the program(s) by providing opportunities for my child(ren) to use the second language outside the classroom and through participation in various activities.


2 – Enrollment, public release and allergy forms

2-1 I understand that enrollment in APS Explorers™ consists of a commitment to the mini-session (for group classes) or the 4-week cycle (for private classes).

2-2 I have read the class description for my child’s program and have completed all the forms requested, which I understand are also incorporated into terms of this contract.

• Enrollment form
Allergy /food Restriction form
Public release
Library/Activity Center General Rules & Regulations


3 – Tuition and fees

3-1 I agree to pay a non-refundable annual fee of $15 per child to cover material costs, which is due at the time of enrollment. 

3-2 I understand that tuition payment is due on the first class of each mini-session.

3-3 I understand that I can pay per mini-session, full session or full year.

3-4 I understand that I can opt to pay a $18 drop-in fee for individual classes instead of committing to a full mini-session of APS Explorers™. (Note: drop-ins are limited to availability.)

3-5 I understand that I must re-enroll before the end of the current mini-session in order to be guaranteed enrollment in the next group class mini-session.

3-6 I understand that invoices for late payment fees or returned check fees will be issued monthly and will be due upon receipt.


4 – Late payments

4-1 I agree to pay a $25 late payment fee assessed for any payment received after the 2-week grace period.

4-2 I understand that registrations will not be accepted from any family with an outstanding balance from the previous session.

4-3 I understand that Aux Petits Soins™ will terminate the enrollment of students with accounts more than 30 days past due.


5 – Returned check fee

5-1 I agree to pay the $30 bank fee assessed for any returned checks.


6 – Missed classes

6-1 I understand that my child may make up any missed class, provided I give a 3-hour notice before a scheduled group class and a 24-hour notice before a scheduled private class time. The 3-hour notice must be during business hours, meaning any class taking place before 11 a.m. requires a notice by 5 p.m. the previous day. Missed classes can be rescheduled once within 90 days as long as the student is still enrolled. Group classes will not be reimbursed and missed classes without prior notification cannot be rescheduled.


7 – Canceled classes

7-1 I understand that a minimum of two students is considered a quorum for a group class and six students for a special function (e.g. summer camp). Classes and special events that don’t have a quorum will be canceled.

7-2 I understand that group classes can be canceled for weather-related issues or extenuating circumstances/emergencies that would prevent the instructor from being able to open the center for the day. Canceled classes cannot be reimbursed/rescheduled.


8 – Dropping out

8-1 I understand my child can drop out of the program at the end of each mini-session with no questions asked. 

8-2 To drop the program, I agree to 1) fill out the “Membership Drop Form” online or in person during business hours at least 7 days before the end of the cycle, and 2) be current on all fees against my account.

8-3 If I drop out without notice, I understand that I will be charged for the remaining classes of the mini-session.


9 – Siblings and additional parents/guardians

9-1 I understand that students may sit in on the classes of their sibling(s) enrolled in APS Explorers™ I and II if there are fewer than four students enrolled in the class.

9-2 I agree to pay an $18 drop-in fee for children who don’t meet these requirements. (Non-student siblings under 6 months old are welcome to attend for free.)

9-3 Due to the small size of the classroom, I understand that only one parent/guardian will be allowed to sit in class if there are more than three students enrolled in APS Explorers™ I and II. Both parents are welcome to join us if there are less than three students enrolled/ present in class.


10 – Damage or loss of personal property

10-1 I understand that Aux Petits Soins™ is not responsible for damages to/loss of personal property during classes.


11 – Future contract updates

11-1 As our center grows, our contract may need to be updated from time to time. In the event of an update, you will be notified by email 10 days before any update will become effective. To ensure the correct delivery of our email, please make sure to add our email – info@apsfrenchclass – to your address book.


If you have any additional questions not covered in this agreement, please feel free to Contact Us.

Updated on July 27, 2019 (v2019-01)