Sandrine Demuth – Aux Petits Soins, LLC™

Sandrine Demuth

When our son Emmanuel was born, we wanted him to be in a place where he could hear French spoken somewhere other than at home with his mother, who is a native French speaker. One afternoon on a walk, we saw a sign for Aux Petits Soins about French classes, and after meeting Gaëlle, we learned about the free Day Trippers program, so we decided to go. It was the beginning of a beautiful adventure.

Emmanuel started when he was three months old, and we started by learning songs such as, “Vole, vole papillon” and “Tourne, tourne petit moulin.” It has been fun for him and for us. At home, he tries to repeat Gaëlle’s gestures, which is very awesome.

Our treasure is 1.5 years old now and is continuing with the Explorers II program, which he is still enjoying. We are very happy having Emmanuel there – it’s a great place to be and to help your little one immersed in French language and culture.