It’s a brioche kinda day – Aux Petits Soins™

It’s a brioche kinda day

Today, we will talk about another breakfast treat, the traditional brioche. It’s a rich bread that contains extra eggs, milk and butter. The result is a soft and lightly sweet bread that can be eaten alone or used in sweet and savory dishes. I can’t wait to hear about the amazing ways you use your brioche

Breadsmith in Okemos is THE place in town to get brioche. However, when I stopped in today to get one (admittedly, my first time there in over a year), I was DEVASTATED to find that they stopped making them after the onset of the pandemic. To maximize his minimal staff, owner Kent Seggebruch has temporarily (fingers crossed) downsized his menu, and his brioche didn’t make the cut. But with any luck, it will be back soon! In the meantime, Breadsmith continues to make the best baguettes in town, which I confirmed when I went in today. Hey, I couldn’t leave empty-handed! 

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